Thursday, April 16, 2009

Create your own puzzles

1. Select "Level Editor" from Main Menu

2. Create/Edit the custom puzzle:
2.1 Select beam color/type from "Beam toolbar" to the left. The upper 4 buttons with thin beams are moving beams, and the lower 4 buttons with thicker (blurred) beams are frozen (non-moving) beams.
2.2 Draw the beams in the game area by first clicking on upper start point and then on the end point.
2.3 To remove a beam, use X tool from the "Beam toolbar" to the left and then click on the start or endpoint of the beam
2.4 Optionally give the puzzle a name in the "Level name" field

3 Test the puzzle by clicking "Test" in the upper "Puzzle Toolbar". Click Menu and then "Level Editor" to return to editor.
4. Optionally record the solution by Clicking "Rec". Solve the puzzle. Finally click "Rep" to replay the solution

5. Save the puzzle by clicking "Save". A text string containing the puzzle is generated and copied to the clipboard.

6. Distribute/Store the puzzle by pasting from clipboard to a document/email/blog/forum. Paste it into a comment to this article!

7. A custom puzzle can be loaded by any user by clicking "Custom" in the "Puzzle game" menu. Then paste the level text string in the field.The puzzle can also be loaded in Level Editor by clicking "Load".

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  1. Thanks for the tutorial!

    Here's a level called "Rate of Decay":